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Protect your home

Soffits and Fascias are more than ornamental

Defend Your Home and Roof From Weather With Perfectly Installed Soffits and Fascias

You know they look nice on houses, but soffits and fascias do much more than add curb appeal to your home. Soffits and fascias protect your roof, rafters, and overhangs from exposed areas. Over time they can rot and leave your home vulnerable to decay. Is it time to replace yours this year? Call Douglas Exteriors of DeKalb, IL for a FREE estimate.

Improve Your Home's Comfort

Wood is the traditional material appearing on many older homes, but UPVC has the advantage of being easy to clean, and it's not damaged by the elements or insects.


Together, we can decide which is best for you.

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Understand the Difference in Materials

  • Soffits and fascias help stop wind and rain from getting in the house

  • They provide a neat and tidy home exterior

  • They're proven to be cost effective by keeping rafters protected

  • They're environmentally friendly by reducing heating and cooling bills

  • They keep moisture from creeping under your roof

  • They complement your siding